Caroline Jensen | Pricing and FAQ

Hello and welcome!

I LOVE photography. It is my stress relief and happy place. If I can give you images that make you smile, or cry tears of joy, I have done my job well. All of my images are 100% natural light. I find it to be not only the most beautiful, but also the most challenging and I love a challenge.  I am a graduate of the New York Institute of Photography and continually take classes to further my education.

My Philosophy:

The entire reason for me clicking the shutter is to capture emotion. Love. Connection. Immeasureable joy. When I sit down to edit a session I want to feel those emotions through your images. It feeds my soul and enriches my life. I LOVE interaction. Hugs, kisses, the sly glance of new romance, or the gentle look that recalls decades past... Yep. That's it.

What to expect:

First off, I will need to have a signed model release before the shutter clicks. I will email it to you before the session so you can look it over and contact me about any questions. HERE is a direct link if you would like to take care of that now.

A photo session with me will be light and carefree. If you are having your children photographed, please remember I am all about them. Giggles and grins happen when the kiddos are relaxed and the baby has a full tummy and relaxed and happy parents. To that end, your session will never be rushed and breaks are provided as often as needed. I have four children of my own and I homeschool as well, so nothing is a surprise to me! This experience should never be work to them and I encourage tickles and jokes.  I also spend a good deal of time "finding the light". I will occasionally glance at my subjects eyes and walk around to find the best angle and softness of light. My goal is to find a nice pocket of light and allow you to interact and play in that space while I stand back and shoot.

Where to have your session:

I prefer outdoor shoots. I love the light, flowers, trees, and the fact it lends itself to a totally unique look for each family. We can also do photojournalistic-style images in your home, provided there is a large window or sliding glass doors nearby.

What to wear:

Solid, neutral colors and timeless styles are the two things to consider. I prefer warm, earth tones and very soft fabrics that drape the body.  Cashmere, soft fleece, and brushed cotton are great choices.  Pure white and pure black are very difficult for digital sensors.....cream and dark brown are better choices.   The clothes should frame you, not overwhelm you.  If something is very important to you or your child, feel free to bring it along. They are only young once and if they love their blankie, I am more than happy to include that. Things to avoid are trendy styles that don't necessarily define you and bold, geometric patterns. We want you to see your personality shine through and the camera does best with sublte patterns.
Young babies are often best in their birthday suit and do NOT worry about accidents--I can handle it. :) 

Best time for your session:

Because I shoot in 100% natural light it is very important to schedule your sesson at a time when the light is best. Usually that means early morning (6-8am) for early risers and later evening (6-8 pm). If you would like a mid-day shoot the best spot are heavily wooded areas, urban settings (alleys, tall buildings, etc.) and indoors by a large window or sliding glass doors.

I am available for sessions in and around the Huntsville area. I have a few spots I love, so if you are unsure, just let me know and I will offer some suggestions. Remember not to overlook your home. If you have windows, we can have an awesome session!

I do have a busy family and homeschool as well, so I do not take a large number of sessons. Please email me at to schedule.

What is your philosophy on processing images?

I will admit I am partial to black and white. It is a timeless medium that focuses attention on light, texture, and emotion. I do not automatically give you each image in color and black and white. Because emotion is king with me, I evalutate each image and decide the processing based on the emotion I wish to convey. Therefore you may have an image presented to you in color or black and white. The one exception is birth photography which will most always be exclusively black and white. 

I process in both Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop and have my own processing style. 


The end result is what is most important for me. I want my images to be the sole product. To that end I am waiving sitting fees!  A small travel fee may be assigned for sessions outside the Huntsville area for gas and expenses.  PRICE LIST
I do have exclusive discounts for active duty military--so be sure to ask when booking your shoot. :)

Blessings to you always! <><

What's in my bag? 

Swoon!   I have a Canon 5D Mark ii, 135L, 85L, 35L, 50 1.4, and a 100 L macro.

* Watermarks do not appear on ordered prints.